Photos from the Women’s March on Asheville, NC

Crowds estimated at 10,000 participated in the Women’s March on Asheville

Were you at the historic Women’s March in Asheville?

Look (below) to see if you are in any of  nearly 200 pictures taken by a veteran photojournalist. Check back often, more to be added later. But first…

Please take a moment to look around this website to learn more about the movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) for Women. It starts for us here in NC.

Eighty percent of people surveyed think that the United States already has constitutional protection for women. Not true!

“Every constitution written since the end of World War II includes a provision that men and women are citizens of equal stature. Ours does not.” ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  The U.S. ensured equal rights for women in the Afghan constitution. So, why do we still not have this same fundamental protection in our own country?

Fight for the passage of the ERA. It is long overdue. Let’s keep the momentum from the march in Asheville (and across the country) going. NC is one of several states still needed in order to pass the amendment for equal rights for women to the  U.S. constitution. We need your help. Become active. Get involved.

Contact Roberta Madden to find out what you can do to help Ratify the ERA in NC.

Photos from the Women’s March on Asheville…..

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