“To Form a More Perfect Union”

“To Form a More Perfect Union”—Now Is the Time for the Equal Rights Amendment is Topic of January 18 Meeting in Chapel Hill

From the American Association of University Women, Chapel Hill

Roberta Madden is on a mission—before her time is up on this earth, she wants to see the Equal Rights Amendment ratified. A woman of conviction and courage, Roberta served as Director of Racial and Social Justice at the YWCA of Greater Baton Rouge where she directed racial justice programs. She lobbied for the ERA in the 1970’s and testified before legislative committees. Since moving to the area in the fall of 2009, Roberta has organized the Stand Against Racism in Black Mountain and subsequent Dialogues on Race. As co-director of RATIFY ERA-NC, she is helping to organize a statewide grassroots movement for the Equal Rights Amendment.

Florry Glasser

Florry Glasser

Throughout her life, local ERA activist Florry Glasser has worked tirelessly to promote family-friendly personnel policies in public, private and non-profit workplaces across the state. Florry spent a decade in state government working as a Senior Policy Analyst in the Office of Policy and Planning, NC Department of Administration. In 1997, she retired from her position as Director of the Work and Family Center at NC Equity. Florry has written numerous publications on the subjects of workplace equity, childcare, gender balance on boards and commission, and needs of women and children.

We are very fortunate to have these two exceptional women who were both involved in the earlier effort to pass the ERA speak to us. Both Roberta and Florry will help us understand the importance of this law for the women of our country.

Don’t forget—we are meeting in the Chapel Hill Public Library, which is on 100 Library Dr. right off N. Estes Drive.

Cosponsoring the program is the League of Women Voters of Orange-Durham-Chatham. The public is welcome to attend.

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