RATIFY ERA-NC Strategic Plan 2014-2015


GOAL 1:  Build awareness of need to ratify Equal Rights Amendment among the general public and political representatives using a variety of communication vehicles being measured by several devices to make a minimum of 500,000 contacts by the end of calendar year 2015.

Website, social media, print media, workshops and talks, communication with members of Congress and key legislators.

GOAL 2: Ratify ERA-NC will take the first step to broaden its contact base from the current 30+ groups by identifying a diverse 10-20 more groups in the January – March 2014 quarter to reach a total of 40-50; these groups will represent a wide variety of demographics.

Research organizations; send letters to ask for involvement in our website, donating funds, assisting in ERA education and lobbying; determine and execute methods of distribution of material and call to action.

Organizations: NCWU members (30), AFL-CIO, unions, LWV-NC, American Indian women, B’nai B’rith, Asian women, NC Council of Churches, Latina women, Women Lawyers, Carolina Baptist Assn., AME Zion, Blue Ridge Baptist, WIN (NAACP women), Muslim groups, NC Student Government Assn., state community colleges, regional student councils.

GOAL 3:  RATIFY ERA-NC will set up ongoing advocacy for current women’s issues via our website, incorporating links to organizations and multimedia; statewide alerts will be used as needed.

Achieve website management proficiency, use ongoing print media to educate and advocate for women’s issues and the ERA.           

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