The ERA-NC Citizens Task Force for Ratification believes it is important to share articles with you that reiterate the need to ratify the ERA  and NOW, since that is what we are working toward.  Please share such articles with us.

However, please be informed that  while notably partisan articles are not our style and we do not utilize attack as our communication method, we share the articles with the hope that you will find the kernels of truth that  DO support final ratification of the ERA.   Passionate, positive voices, regardless of partisanship, can  teach us more about  OUR  convictions and inspire us to action.

On a different  note, if any of  our readers come across an article with objections to ratification, please share that with us as well since we must understand opposing views and where their objections are rooted in 2012.  We need  to listen and to speak to those ideas as well.

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